Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Dated: 5 – 10 – 2019

We Official Windows care so much about your privacy policy. If you want to know what data we collect or which type of data we share please read this Privacy Policy to know everything about our website.

What Data We Collect

We only collect your email address at the time you sign up for the newsletter. Our website is 100% free and there is no option where you will be asked to put your Credit Card Information. So, please never upload your Card information in our website anywhere.

If you find any page in our site which asks you for Credit Card information Please let us know by emailing us. We Will then immediately take action and remove that page/post.

Monetizing Website

We may use Google AdSense to monetize our website because as you know it is a free website. So, we need some money to maintain it and make it free for a lifetime. This is the reason we use advertisements on our website.

AdSense is an Ad serving platform which is own by the world’s largest Search Engine “Google”. Everyone knows it is a trusted a website and almost 90% of people use it as Default Search Engine.

We never use any third-party websites for ad serving as they may include Virus or Trojans. Furthermore, about AdSense, & it’s privacy policy you can read it here Privacy Policy.


We also use Google Analytics to analyze and improve our website performance. Google Analytics helps us to know which page we are getting traffic and how we are getting traffic. It also helps us to teach how users engage with our website and which page they visit the most.

This is the reason why we use it because in this way we can improve our website. In this way, we also serve the public what they actually want to get from us. To learn more about the Google Analytics you need to visit their privacy policy page.


Cookies are the tiny files stored in your computer while surfing a website. These Cookies help you to store all the caches in your computer so when you again visit that website then it will be loaded faster.

The reason why it loads faster because of these cookies sents the images & other media caches into your browser cache folder. So, in this way when you again visit the website, your browser will show data from cache folder instead of again downloading that data.

Link To Other Website

Our website may link to another website while giving information. So, if you visit that site by using the link we provide then please make sure to read that website’s privacy policy.

Because our privacy policy doesn’t affect those external sites so if you face any problem while surfing. Then don’t blame us because we are not the owner of that website.

Change Of Privacy Policy

We may/can change the privacy policy of our website at any time we feel. If you are already subscribed to our newsletter then you will be notified through an email about the change of privacy policy.

If not then you can simply check our privacy policy page every one month to see if there is any change. The change of privacy policy occurs only when we used to ask any other information, monetize a website with any other platform & so on.

Contact Us

If you are still having confusion and want to know more about the website please leave an email to:

We will try to reach & answer your question as soon as possible. Instead of this, you can even use our Contact Us form for an investigation.

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