Windows 10 Free Download [Official ISO Files 2020]

Are You Searching About Windows 10? then Here is your Searched are finished, yes you can download Latest Windows 10 ISO File. Which is updated on 10/5/2019

It is the product of the most famous company named Microsoft which is owned by Bill Gates. Nowadays almost 80% of people around the Globe are using a computer and around 70% of them are running a Windows Operating System on their computer.

Before this new update, everyone was/are using Windows 7 but as you know that Microsoft Recently announces that they will discontinue Updating Windows 7. Which means you won’t get any new features nor your pc will be safe from virus or any other Trojans.

In this case, many people have just moved to the latest Windows 10 OS. However, it may seem a strange experience with this update as we are all familiar with the Win7 but after all, it is the best update. This update comes with many cool and exciting features that you won’t find in the Windows 7 OS.

Instead of this, most people are still having issues while downloading Windows 10 Update. Now, you don’t need to worry about it because I am going to share with you the fast and direct link of ISO file. Which you need to first burn into your USB or DVD Drive & then use it to install this version.

Key Features Of Windows 10

Ok, so before we process to Windows 10 Download Free let’s first check out the features list. After reading the features you will know better why this update is growing faster. Also, you will be sure that what you are actually doing and what features will you enjoy in this new Windows Update.

Here is the list of best features of Windows 10:\

Start Menu

Start Menu is enhanced with more new cool features. If you already used Windows 8 you have noticed the Start Menu is in full screen and you have to launch apps from there. In Windows 10 you get the option to display Start Menu in Full Screen or not. If you are not using the full version then you see there is a Quick Open Panel right side in Start Menu.

Also, you can now quickly access your favourite folders and locations from the right side. Instead of this, you can also find the newly installed applications at the top of the Start Menu.


If you are lazy enough to type something or open anything then Cortana is for you. It is similar to Siri & Google Now which works on the commands. So, in this Windows update, you can directly talk to the Cortana and tell what you want to open or want to search.

In the previous version, there were some bugs in it, but after the 2019 update, they fix all those bugs. Now Cortana is 100% bug-free and also improved with new command lines.

Task View

Another best and cool features of this update, task view enable you to see all the opened Windows at the same time. Even though it provides you with the feature to add another desktop, which means now you don’t need any VMWare.

You can simply click on Task View which can be located in Task Bar and then you will see Add Desktop button right side below. That’s it now you can start new work over there without getting disturbed. This feature is best for all those who are using it on a Tablet Computer.

Emojis Everywhere

If you can’t live without emojis and want to access emojis everywhere in facebook or other platforms. Then congrats Microsoft also fulfils this requirement, now you can enjoy and use the emojis anywhere you want.

To access the emoji you have to click and hold Windows Logo + (.) dot together at the same time. Now you will see Emoji panel on the left side choose your favourite emoji and send it to your friends lol ūüėÄ

Action Center

This activity centre is far better than other centres as you can access almost all the basic settings from here. You will also get the notifications of Applications or Computer above this Action centre.

In this action centre, you can turn Bluetooth on/off, Turn WiFi on or off, Switch Between Tablet Mode, Control brightness, Night Mode and many other features can be easily accessed.

Tablet Mode

If you are using a tablet PC or a Windows phone then Tablet Mode is the best for you. It will convert your Desktop Mode into Tablet Mode so that you feel comfortable while using a touchscreen PC.

This mode minimizes the icons on the Desktop and also file manager you open will be in maximizing size. In this manner, you will be able to use it as a Tablet Phone.

Xbox App

In this Windows 10 update, you are now able to play Xbox games and applications directly in your Computer. You can now Livestream games through your home network with this Xbox App.

They also enhanced and improved graphics performance with the latest Directx 12. Instead of this, you will be able to record, edit and share your victories with your friends through the Xbox DVR feature. Also, you can play games with your friends through Windows 10 and also watch their live score with Xbox Live.

Microsoft Store

Windows 10 comes with the Microsoft Store where you can find the millions of applications and games. You can directly download and install these applications through Store. In this Store, you can download Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and a lot of other Social Media Applications.

Instead of this, you can also update your Windows Applications through this Store. You need to sign up if you want to get notified about your apps or to sync the date of your Applications. You will find almost all the apps of Android Phone in this Store which means you don’t need to install any Emulator anymore.

Microsoft Edge

A way better Web Browser than Internet Explorer. Yes, they have added a brand new Microsoft Edge Web Browser for surfing the internet. It is 100% better than the old Internet Explorer, this web browser has a modern and unique design and also speed is improved.

As everyone said about IE is that it is a turtle browser, but after using this latest ME browser you will find the changes by yourself. This is the part of the Chromium project, which means it is the Combination Of IE & Chrome.

Windows 10 Free Download

I am damn sure you just fell in love with this Unique and awesome version of Microsoft Windows OS. So, now your wait is finally over as I am going to share with you the direct and fast download link Windows 10 ISO.

Ok, so to avoid making any mistakes while downloading please follow all the below steps carefully.

There are two ways to download the latest Windows 10, both methods are 100% legal. You are not violating the privacy policy of any product so don’t worry about anything.

So now let’s just move to the first method of downloading Windows 10 ISO Image Free.

Download Using Windows Tool

  • ¬†First, you need to download the latest version of the “Microsoft Windows 10 ToolFrom the given link.
  • Now run this program as an Administrator & a new window will pop-up. You will see it is asking for the agreement just simply click on Accept.
  • ¬†After clicking on accept it will ask you to upgrade your PC or Create an installation Media. You need to tick the Create an installation Media & then again click on Next.
  • Now from here, you need to choose the Language of the Windows you want to download. Also, choose the version of windows and the architecture as well. After selecting all these things you again need to click Next to go to another page.
  • ¬†This is the main step of all the process, here you will see two options. The first option is USB Flash Drive and the 2nd one is ISO File.

Now let me clarify between these two options if you select the USB Flash Drive. Then Microsoft Windows Tool will automatically turn it into your USB drive & make it a bootable USB. In case, if you choose the ISO File then it will download the ISO image file in your computer and then you can burn it later.

Note: If you choose the USB File Drive then please make sure it needs to be 8GB. Also, move all your data to a drive before clicking on Next because it will wipe all your data from USB Storage.

Step 6: Now choose any option which you like then click Next. In my case, I am choosing ISO File so when you tick ISO file and click on Next it will ask you for a Location where you want to Save. If you choose the USB Drive Option then it asks you which device you want to use.

Step 7: So, after click next in both cases, then your file will start downloading. It takes time depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Direct ISO File Download Method

In this method, you will be able to download the ISO file directly through Internet Download Manager. As you know that Microsoft Media Creation Tool takes too much time to download a file. Even it doesn’t give you much speed of downloading as compared to IDM.

Direct ISO File Download Method

This is the reason why everyone wants to directly download ISO File. It is also the legal method for downloading but it requires some tricks ūüėÄ

Ok, so let’s now move to the step by step guide:

Step 1: First you need to open the same link again which you used to download Media Creation Tool. Don’t download the file immediately just move to the second step lol ūüėÄ

Step 2: Now after you open the link you need to press F12 and then see the Inspect Elements settings. Even you can access it by right-clicking anywhere in that page and then click on Inspect.

Step 3: So, in the Inspect Settings click on the 3 dot menu and then move to More Tools and open Network Conditions.

Step 4: When you open Network Conditions it will open another tab. In this tab, you need to scroll down a little bit and look for User Agent & then untick Select Automatically.

Step 5: After unticking Select Automatically now you notice there is a Drop Down Menu appear. From that menu, you need to select the Safari РiPhone OS 9 & refresh the page.

Step 6: When your page loads after a refresh you will notice the change of options. Now it will ask you to choose the Windows Edition to select any version of Win10. After that click confirms and then it will again ask you to choose the Desired Language.

Choose your language which you speak and again click on Confirm. When you complete this step then you will find two Links one is Windows 10 32bit & other is Windows 10 64bit. Choose your architecture and then simply click on download and it will start downloading in your Internet Download Manager.

Download Windows ISo File

When you choose the Safari – iPhone OS 9 don’t close the inspect elements. If you close and then refresh the page you won’t see changes. So, refresh page when choosing and after that you can close it.

To Clean Install/Update Windows

If you just read the features of this awesome and cool windows and want to upgrade it from 7/8 to Win10 then you must follow these steps below.


Ok, so, first of all, you need to download the Windows 10 Free ISO from our website and then burn it into USB Drive. Now after you burn it into a USB you then need to activate USB Installation from BIOS on your computer.

To enter into BIOS you need to restart your PC and then you see there is a text labeled Press (key) to enter BIOS. This key is different in every computer so you have to look carefully because it disappears in a few seconds.

So, in the first restart, you need to notice the key & then do another restart and press that Key immediately right after your LCD Screen turned on. Now you will be entered into the BIOS setting of your computer, here you will find the Boot Navigation menu.

From the boot menu, you have to choose USB/Removeable Disc and then move it in the first number. Also, if you are using a CD Drive then you need to move CD/Disc in the first number and press ESC Key. After this, it will ask you to make changes and then you need to restart your computer.

Now connect your USB device during restart and it will then show you “Press any key to boot from CD/USB”¬†just press space or any other key. After that, you will enter into the Windows Installation Setup where you need to complete several steps to install Windows.

Step 1: In Windows Installation Setup First it will ask you to choose the language (Choose your desired language which you use).

Step 2: Now you will see another window with the single button labeled as Install. Click on that button and it may ask you enter the Product key (Skip it, for now, we are going to activate it later).

Step 3: Here you see the license agreement, tick the I agree to this License Agreement & & click next. Now you have successfully agreed to the license and you can move to other steps.

Step 4: After this, you will see there are options available 1: Upgrade Windows & 2: Custom install. If you are already using Windows you should go for Upgrade. Otherwise, choose the Custom Install to do a fresh installation.

Step 5: When you choose the Custom Install you will then find all the Hard Disk Partition. Now choose the drive with the type of System and then select Format from the bottom menu. It will then format your system partition a.k.a Local Disk (C).

Step 6: After formatting system drive you just need to simply click on the Next button. It will then automatically starts installing Windows in your Computer/Laptop.

Step 7: Your system may restart several times during installation. The installation procedure is automatic which means you don’t need to do follow any further steps. Just wait and it will be installed within a few minutes.

Step 8: After you successfully installed Windows 10 it will again restart and then you need to do some settings before using it. For example, you need to type a Username, a secret password, choose the time & time zone etc.

That’s it now you can enjoy and use all the cool features of this latest Windows 10 on your computer. You will explore so many other features when you use it by yourself.

System Requirements

If you are unable to install Windows 10 Free on your computer then you first of all need to check the system requirements. This is the list of the minimum system requirements which Windows 10 needs before installation.

  • Processor: 1GHz or SoC (System on a Chip)
  • Memory: 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
  • Storage: 16GB for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800×600

Pros & Cons Of Windows 10

If you are still unsure about Windows 10 then please read this Pros & Cons list. It will help you to understand the pros as well as the cons which come with this update Windows 10.


  • New & Modern System UI
  • Enhanced & Improved Windows Performance
  • Quick Access To Access Recent Opened Files Faster
  • Improved Security & Added The Real-Time Protection
  • Multi-Task You To See All The Opened Task At The Same Time
  • Xbox App Let You Play Xbox Game Righ in Your Computer
  • Control Panel & System Settings Compiled Together
  • Graphics Are Improved For The Best Gaming Experience
  • Easy & Fast Windows Installation Then Ever
  • A Brand New Microsoft Edge Web Browser
  • Improved Task Manager


  • So Many Bloatware Apps
  • Apps Running Background Without Reason
  • No Extension Option For Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Will Keep Updating In Background

Now Make Windows 10 Bootable USB


Have you just downloaded the ISO File from my website but you are still confused about how to make a bootable USB? Then please read out this step by step guide to easily make a Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive.

  • ¬†First of all, you need to download the Rufus tool from the link given below.
  • After downloading you now need to extract the zip file on the desktop so that you can access it easily.
  • Now move the ISO file in desktop and then open Rufus tool. To open Rufus right click on the icon and click on Run as Administrator.
  • After opening Rufus leave all the settings as they are only you need to change is FreeDOS to ISO Image. When selecting the ISO Image now you need to click on the DVD Drive logo.
  • When you click on the DVD Drive a new Window will pop-up and then you need to select that ISO file that you download from here.
  • So, after selecting the file it will be loaded in the Rufus Tool. All you need to do now is just click on Start and then it will give a Warning simply ignore it and click Ok.
  • ¬†Now just wait for the process until it completes and then it will be burned into your USB Drive.

Note: Please move all your personal data to your PC from USB before installing it. In another case, it will delete all your data from USB Drive.

Activate Windows 10

So, you just installed Windows 10 in your computer but that activation notification keeps annoying you. Then don’t worry here I am going to tell you the best way to activate Windows 10 without purchasing a copy.

Windows 10 basically comes with the 30 days of the free trial, after that trial ends it will ask you to buy a serial key from Microsoft. After that 30 days of trial ends you will then be restricted to use the most features of Windows 10.

For example, you won’t be able to change the Theme and customize your theme. You won’t receive any upcoming updates from Microsoft which may lead you in danger. Because when you don’t receive updates from Microsoft then your PC won’t get the latest Virus Protection. Even there are so many other restrictions you will face after the expiry date of your Windows license.

In this way, you have to purchase the Product Key from the Microsoft Company to use these features for a lifetime. But if you don’t have money or you don’t want to purchase a copy then don’t worry I am going to tell you how you can Activate Windows 10 without paying a penny.

There are two methods available on the internet to activate Windows. The first method is to use an activator software and another method is to use the product key. I am going to discuss both the methods below so that you activate your Windows without facing any further problems.

Ok, so now let’s check out these both methods and know more about them.

Windows 10 Activators

Windows activators are such software which is used to bypass & modify the system files. It will then make it realize to Microsoft servers that it is the original copy. Many people think it is illegal which is true because it activates it in a spammy way.

Instead of this almost 60% are using these activators, I am also going to share with you the top best Windows 10 Activators. There are many websites available which claim they provide you with the activator. But all they give is a spammy software with malware & trojans. In my website, I will discuss only those who are trustworthy and passed the Virus Total Scan.

Here is the list of top 3 best Windows 10 Activators.

1. KMSPico


In our best activators list, KMSPico is in the first position as it is one of the most famous and very well known software. This activator works on the concept of Microsoft’s own Key Management Servers (KMS) which allow an Organization to connect through a Sever and let them activate Windows without separately activating.

KMSPico does the same thing, it modifies the system files and makes the Microsoft Servers realize that it is the part of that KMS Server. It will not only activate your Windows but you will also get all the features that you get on a purchased CD/DVD.

This is a 100% virus free tool and is trusted by the Virus total and other Virus Scan service providers. It will give you genuine activation and bypass the Microsoft Genuine Checker server. Instead of only activating Windows this tool offers you to activate Microsoft Office.

2. KMSAuto


It also works on the KMS Server and provides you with the genuine Windows activation. You don’t need to follow any steps or need to have technical skills to use it. This works within the tap, one tap can activate your Windows 10 permanently until you reinstall a brand new Windows.

It is also a trustworthy and the virus-free activator which is developed by the Ratiborus.

This tool is not only used to activate Windows 10 but you can even activate Windows Server 2008 to 2016. Even you can also activate Microsoft Office 2010 to Office 365 versions.

3. Microsoft Toolkit


Microsoft Toolkit is the alternative of KMSPico & KMSAuto which works on two principles. This activator was well-known as the EZ Activator which later changed to the Microsoft Toolkit Activator. It provides you with the KMS Activation Process and the EZ activator process to activate Windows.

This tool provides you with so many cool features that you can’t see in the above two activators. It helps you to install both 64bit & 32bit (x86) with the same tool, you don’t need any additional tool for this. The latest version of Microsoft Toolkit offers you fully standalone/Offline activation.

It gives you genuine and lifetime activation which means you don’t need to activate it again after some months. This activation will last long until you reinstall a fresh Windows. To use this tool you just need to have .NET Framework 3.5 or above

Windows 10 Product Key

If you are still unsure about activating Windows using Windows Activators. Then you should go with the product key method, this doesn’t require any type of Software. This means that you are now tension free about Virus or Malware.

When purchasing a new laptop you will be given a product key on the sticker below your laptop. Even you purchase a pirated DVD from stores you also get the product with it. In case if you lost both the keys then you need another key to activate Windows. For this, I have listed some working and fresh Windows 10 Product keys so that you can activate it without any issue.

Note:¬†Please check out the Windows Version before using any key, if you use a wrong key it doesn’t work and your windows won’t be activated.

Product Key

If you find any key which is not working then please let me know in the comment section so that I update it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So you just read about the features and finally installed Windows 10 in your computer. But do you still have some questions which you are looking for?

Then read this FAQ list below where I have collected some most asked questions around the internet.

Q1) Will updating Windows also delete my files?

Updating Windows will only delete the files from system drive which is more likely Local Disk (C). So if you have any file stored in C drive or in the Desktop please move it to your other drive to avoid data deletion.

Q2) I am using Internet Download Manager in Microsoft Edge but there is a problem with integration? What should I do?

If your Microsoft Edge doesn’t integrate with the IDM then you just need to open Microsoft Store. In Microsoft Store, you have to search for “IDM Integration”¬†(without quotes) and install it.

Q3) I am using the internet through mobile data? How can I avoid background downloading?

First of all, you need to connect through WiFi instead of USB tethering. Now you open WiFi, click on the network which you are using. After clicking on that now you need to click on Properties of that connected WiFi.

Now you will see the properties of that WiFi network, scroll down a little bit and then you can see set as metered connection. Enable it and it will then avoid Windows to use data in the background.

Q4) I can’t hear the Music/Voice? What’s that issue?

This error mostly occurs due to the outdated Drivers, so to solve this issue you need to download the Drivers Pack Solution. Now open DPS and then it will automatically discover all the outdated drivers and will update them automatically.

Q5) How can I turn on and off Bluetooth to connect the devices?

There are two ways to turn Bluetooth on and off, in the first method you need to click on Start Menu. Now move to the Settings which can be logo in the right side. After this, you will find many setting categories you just need to open Devices and from here you can easily turn on & off Bluetooth.

In the second method, you can easily access Bluetooth from the Control Center. Just click on the Bluetooth icon and it will be enabled and can be discovered by other Bluetooth Devices.


Overall Windows 10 is the best choice for all Computer users as it has cool and new interesting features. Also, Bill Gates enhanced security and added more privacy options so that you feel comfortable when using Windows.

As you know that Microsoft is going to stop updating Windows 7 which is the best and very well known version of Windows among the users. It is more famous and more comfortable then From Windows 8 & 8.1. Because there were so many bugs and the UI of Windows 8 wasn’t very good this is why people hate Win8 & keep using Win7 in their computers.

But after using Win10 you are surely going to forget that Win7 and other versions because they have fixed everything and performance, is also improved. Windows 10 Free Download from our website and use it on your computer to enjoy all the awesome features right now.

Don’t forget to check the Features list if you just skip them. Also, see our installation guide so you won’t face any problem while Installing or Updating. There is also a guide to making a bootable USB device to boot Windows from USB Drive which you must check out.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is best Operating System ever in microsoft, this was released in late July 15, 2015, by microsoft company-owned bill gate, you can download windows 10 iso using our website 2020

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Operating System

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